Innovation is Key

At this stage in the marketshare, innovation is key to compete for the growth of the marketshare for rosin.

Access Rosin® offers the solutions nessessary to streamline the process at scale: effeciently.


> Proproitary industrial 3-part system with innovative technology that includes Water Extraction System, Freeze Driers, and The Rosin Machine.

> Complete Facility Development with custom floor plan mock-ups.

> Excuslive trainning (on-site & off-site) to monitor and achieve target goals.

> One-on-one consultations for specific focus points.

> Custom R.O.I. spreadsheets and equipent vaildiation for your plan, and documention of set targeted goals.

> Innvoation systems that use state-of-the-art technology to surpass beyond goals.

> Facility components and accessories for finail touches.

Importance of Scalability

As a manufacutre / processor, your equipment and workflow effeciency is the most important asset to your company. It is required when considering how to adapt to an increase in demand for rosin, with a 30% annual growth rate overall.

Use Industrial Machinery to Scale Mechanical Separation

A key correction to streamline solvent-less prodctuion is to have a more effecient rosin press system. Use less time monitoring and more time processing with higher throughputs and more effecient workflow to compete as a manfucture / processor at the next level.

Streamline the process

We design-to-build customized 3-part solvent-less systems complete with innovation and automation for your company to compete with all forms of concentrate in the marketshare.

We take accountability for the equipment's ability to scale effeciently and effectivley in-order to streamline your companys production. From floor plans to consulting, we have you covered.

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System validation sheet /Bottleneck prevention plan

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Access Rosin is the innovative solventless solution for mechanical separation extraction equipment industrial and revolutionary as a complete rosin plate form as a streamline production oil system using non-volatile methods to extract

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