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Trap Cage Rosin Press

Lock in your price today for our new benchtop rosin press and take your extraction game to the next level.

Solvent-less Extraction Equipment

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Customize a commercialized solventless extraction system based on specific needs and budget.

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Streamline Manufacturing: The Turn-Key Solvent-less Solution

  • Industrial 3-Part Turn-Key Solvent-less System: Access Rosin provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution that includes a Smart Agitation Water Extraction System, Suitable Freeze Driers, and a KWÄD Rosin Machine.
  • Complete Facility Development: We offers customized floor plan designs to help create the optimal extraction facility.
  • Direct Training and Consultations: Direct training (on-site and off-site) as well as one-on-one consultations to help achieve targeted manufacturing goals.
  • Custom Data Spreadsheet with Equipment Validation: Access Rosin provides customized system throughput analysis and equipment validation to identify the systems maximum throughput and processing times and expectations, so you can make informed decisions about solvent-less manufacturing plans.
  • Innovation and Final Touches: State-of-the-art patented technology offers facility components and accessories to allow companies to surpass their competition, and be competitive.

Product Review

Extract Zach with Leef Labs in Willits, CA shares his pressing experience on the KWÄD Rosin Machine.