WES420L - Extraction System w/ C.I.P


Water Extraction System


Access Rosin developed a Water Extraction System to par with The Rosin Machine's efficiency and scalability. No wash bags, Clean In Place system, and multi layered sieve station enables less time working and more time extracting. 

  • Clean In Place (C.I.P) System

  • Multi-Sieve Station 

  • External 304 -Stainless Steel: Food Grade

  • Internal 316 Stainless Steel: Pharmaceutical Grade

  • 107 Gal Capacity Agitation System 

  • 25,000 Gram Wash / Cycle 

  • 8 Washes in an 8 hour day using Quick Dump for rapid cycles.

Type: Ice Water System

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Access Rosin is the innovative solventless solution for mechanical separation extraction equipment industrial and revolutionary as a complete rosin plate form as a streamline production oil system using non-volatile methods to extract

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