QDF Tech Parchment - Black Label Paper Co.

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Black Label Paper Co. 55lbs Ultra Parchment Paper. 

Extra Strength rosin parchment paper to assure withstanding an extreme amount of pressure.

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Genuine vegetable parchment is the premier sheet in the bakery market. Its release characteristics, heat resistance, grease resistance and wet strength mesh quite well with the needs of bakeries. Our papers are FDA approved for direct human food contact. Our parchment papers are predominantly used in the baking industry but also in alternative industries as well.

  • Bleached
  • 55lb paper weight
  • Double sided Silicone coating ULTRA paper
  • FDA approved
  • Made in USA 

Quadruple Directional Flow



**QDF Tech Folded Parchment Paper is pre-cut to one size and folded one time. 2 additional folds are required to be made. 

The Rosin Machine's insert outer layer is parchment paper, folded in a unique technique named Quadruple Directional Flow tech. Engineered to mechanically position when 4 inserts are in the machine they'll fit exactly the same each and every press. Three easy folds create a innovative version of directional flow. An insert is designed to wrap heavy duty parchment around a uniquely identical shape rosin bag to port a 1" opening directs the oil flows.

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