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    55lb Rosin Parchment Paper

    100% Folded Ready-to-Press Pouches

    Directional Flow Design

    8" Length x 4.5" Width

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    These 55lb parchment paper pouches arrive 100% pre-folded, ready to press, so the operator can quickly get to work. No need to layer parchment paper over heat plates.

    Press 80" sq. of material surface area, per-press with quadruple directional flow using pouches.

    Combine 4x large size pouches onto the heat plate with perfect alignment.

    Efficient & Effective

    Internal directional flow into a 1" controlled flow, which aligns in the center of The Rosin Machine's heat plates.

    Internal Flow Control with Pouches

    Quadruple the amount of rosin bags processed with Q.D.F. trapezoid shape bags and parchment paper pouches. Process more volume and preserves quality, and boost efficiency using 55lb pre folded parchment paper pouches.

    These fit perfectly onto the heat plates to mechanically unite for perfect placement between plates every time you press.

    Innovative Heat Plate(s)

    The lower heat plate on The Rosin Machine is designed with a unique center flow port in the center of the plate to enable Flow Control Technology (F.C.T.), so when the pouches unite, rosin flows seamlessly together for a wonderful controlled flow of rosin.

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