V3 Rosin Bag for The Rosin Machine

Our unique rosin bag shape fits the ID perimeters of our QDF parchment paper pouches. The Rosin Machine is capable of processing 2-4 pouches per press. 

  • This design mechanically positions the rosin bag and pouches as a square for perfect placement with every press! 
  • Directional fold pouches leaves 8% of gutter between the rosin bag and paper. 

This specialized fit forms tight gutters between the rosin bag and parchment paper, so when directional flow guides the flow of rosin it causes the rosin to moves faster. 

  • The sq. inch size of this trapezoid shape rosin bag is a little over 20" sq.

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Access Rosin is the innovative solventless solution for mechanical separation extraction equipment industrial and revolutionary as a complete rosin plate form as a streamline production oil system using non-volatile methods to extract

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