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About Us

Access Rosin is a leading expert in the solvent-less manufacturing process, offering a range of post-sale services, personalized consultations, and expert training programs. With a focus on streamlining the manufacturing process at scale, Access Rosin helps businesses unlock their success in the industry.

Our Mission

Access Rosin is deeply committed to shaping the future of rosin production. We understand the unmatched purity and depth that rosin brings to the table with its rich profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This concentrate provides a true representation of the flower in its essence. However, the challenges of its detailed extraction process have historically made large-scale production an elusive goal. As the industry balances on the fulcrum between solvent-based and solvent-less methods, we discern the critical need for equipment innovation. This need has been a long-standing barrier, hindering the evolution of hashish into a widely recognized rosin product. At Access Rosin, we're not just observing these challenges – we're acting. Our focus is on pioneering solutions that will not only drive rosin to the forefront of the concentrate market but also set new industry benchmarks. We are here to change the game, championing rosin's ascent to global eminence.

Innovation Is Key

Access Rosin provides industrial extraction equipment designed with innovative technology, for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our solvent-less extraction equipment uses all natural resources such as ice water, heat, and pressure.

We invest in innovation, automation, and sustainability to stay ahead of the competition. We offer game changing technology and experienced industry expert service to all of our partners.

With exceptional customer support and dedication to customer success, Access Rosin is a trusted partner for companies in the rosin extraction industry looking to streamline their production processes.

Time & Money Invested

The rosin machine is the ideal choice for manufacturers and processors looking to streamline their solvent-less production and produce high-quality rosin. The rosin machine is designed with efficiency in mind, with high-throughputs and an efficient workflow that saves time and helps users produce more rosin in less time. The press is also easy to operate, safe to use, and built to last, making it the perfect choice for those new to rosin production or looking to expand their existing operations. With its combination of efficiency, safety, and durability, the rosin machine is the clear choice for anyone looking to take their solvent-less production to the next level.

Streamline The Process

Access Rosin solution for solvent-less production is designed for scalability, allowing companies to keep pace with growth and produce high-quality rosin even as demand increases. Access Rosin provides floor plans and consulting services to help companies get the most out of their three-part system, ensuring its performance and customer satisfaction. This level of support sets Access Rosin apart from other providers, making it the clear choice for those looking for a reliable solution for solvent-less production needs.

Voice of the Customer

I really enjoyed having the Access Rosin press. This thing is a work horse. It makes life much easier for me than it ever was with the hand press. Collecting is a lot faster. I am able to get more per press and still get the same color and quality out. It is a dream compared to the other rosin presses out there. Four bags at once is another really nice innovation. The flow control technology is a real game changer.

@Extract Zach

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