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    Team Access Rosin!

    1. Improve customer satisfaction
    2. Create opportunities
    3. Grow together
    4. Community discussions

    Be apart:

    • Incentive Share
    • Performance Based Quota Goals
    • Promotional Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Strength building exercises


    Sales Team Members will be required to:

    • Attend Monthly Meetings (Los Angeles Headquarters)
    • Attend Event(s) or Any Team Outings for length of event.
    • Attend customers onboarding. 

    Job description

    The Sales Associate represents Access Rosin's innovative product development and The brand as Access Rosin. This position has primary responsibility for customer satisfaction, generating sales, leads, upsaleing, merchandising, online sales operations and loss prevention, in adherence with all company/store standards.


    • *Proven track record of success in selling. Looking for selling techniques such as add-on sales and describing detail information to customers to enhance salesmanship and reach facility and individual sales goal. This requires one-on-one client development and maintenance.
    • *Is proficient in the basic skills of customer relations; performance of invoice tracking and sales transactions; and equipment delivery and/or maintenance. This may require driving and delivering equipment to assure customer satisfaction.
    • *Participate in event(s) activities of advertising, generating leads, tracking incoming and outgoing merchandise shipments. This requires constant standing and walking, occasional squatting and kneeling, frequently lifting & carrying up to 10 lbs and occasionally 11-30 lbs, as well as frequently climbing a 3-foot ladder working with arms overhead and occasionally using a 3-10-foot ladder to work with arms overhead.

    (*Essential Functions)


    • Has previous sales experience, preferably in a selling equipment.
    • Understands basic retail concepts: selling, visual merchandising, and loss prevention
    • Understands the importance of and is motivated by achieving sales goals and continually strives to increase sales, and hit monthly, quarterly, and yearly quota.
    • Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate verbally in a clear, audible, and grammatically correct manner
    • Ability to listen/read and accurately transcribe and verify customer message specifications to building merchandise.
    • Relates to all customer segments and creates a great first impression
    • Manages multiple tasks and time effectively
    • Works as part of a team. Lifting team members and supporting their ideas.
    • Maintains a high energy level
    • Identifies the specific needs of the customer and redirects a suggestion to benefit the client and the company.
    • Accepts suggestions and criticism in a positive manner and acts on them appropriately
    • Understands importance of teamwork at events at the storefront, and highly communicative.
    • Displays pride, self-confidence and a positive attitude; daily.
    • Is an active learner who takes responsibility for personal development. Suggests self correction.
    • Has a strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility
    • Is goal-oriented and inspired.
    • Ability to work unsupervised and represent the company unsupervised.
    • Displays flexibility to work a varied schedule to meet company needs.




    • MDR: Market Development Rep – Follows up on inbound leads, setup a meeting w/ AE.
    • CSM: Customer Success Manager – Achieves recurring use of the service.
    • ONB: Onboarder –  Onboards/Integrates a client and achieves first use.
    • SDR: Sales Development Rep – Starts a conversation with a client through outbound actions such as emails/calls.
    • AM: Account Manager – Creates increased profit developing up-sell opportunities.
    • AE: Account Executive – Develops SQLs through a series of meetings.