The deposit gets you in-line for the shortest lead time possible.

if units are available, expect immediate shipment with a standard 1-2 week shipment timeframe. Dependent on your location.  

if no units are in stock, you can expect a lead time approx. 6-8 weeks. 

Receive a confirmation email after your deposit with a registered invoice. An agent will contact you shortly about shipment date and the remaining balance, which is due (7) days prior to shipment. 

Your agent will be happy to direct your shipping route with exact date and time, payment balance, and answer any questions or concerns, at any time along the way.


What is different between the PID vs HMI option? 

The Rosin Machine V3.2 has two models, The PID and HMI series. 

PID: The heating elements are controlled by a PID, and is operated with a hydraulic hand (manual operation) pump. The light switch and power switch is on the side of the machine. This model is equipped with a pilot operated check valve for holding loads with a hand pump. 

HMI: The heating elements are controlled by a Human Machine Interface (HMI), and is operated with a electronic hydraulic pump. The HMI is completely automated from the touch of a screen. Programmable recipe for consistent repeatability. The electronic pump is equipped with locking solenoids to hold the load. 

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