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Create the right recipe for pressing hash.

The Rosin Machine V3.2 AUTO (QP), a 100Ton rosin press using a 10,000psi BVA Hydraulics double-acting electronic pump. 

Our engineers calculated a travel time as a liquify stage vs a pressure reading so zero pressure can be applied to the rosin bag. This prevents any slip outs and/or blowouts when pressing hash. 

To pre-heat the rosin bag, set a calculated travel distance that is no greater than the thickness of the rosin bag for the liquify stage. This is how our 100 Ton rosin press apply zero pressure, making it sensitive for hash. After resin glands liquify inside the rosin bag, stage one (1) can apply a minimum set pressure. The minimum pressure is based on the hydraulic pump's high pressure setting which is hard calibrated and preset to 100 psi from the pump. The stages within the cycle's program is designed to calculate a measurement from the hydraulic pumps psi, covert it to force, then divided by the surface area to calculate a regulated psi in increments. How hot the temperature is set when pre-heating equals the length of time for how fast the resin melts into a liquid. If pressure is applied before resin is liquid, the rosin bag has an opportunity to slip or blow out. The liquify time is a matter of how hot the heat plates are set and the quality of hash your pressing. Better quality hash, vs how hot the plates are can differ when the cycle starts stage 1. The hotter the plates, the less time is required to pre-heat in the liquefy stage. The cooler the plates, the longer the liquify time. 

Quadruple Directional Flow Technology is four (4) 20" square, QDF V3 rosin bags that equals 80" square

**Our double-acting Hand pump with quick connect fittings is optional for the most "hands feel" sensitivity. Slowly add psi by hand. 

When choosing a rosin press, pick a machine that provides the pressure when you need it, and the sensitivity when you want it.