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What is Quadruple Directional Flow?

Innovative technology combining multiple inserts that automatically align as they’re placed into The Rosin Machine for an accurate and consistent pressing process in large volumes and less time, every time. The insert is a key component to our rosin system consisting of three components. A unique outer layer parchment paper wrapped around a rosin bag and filled with plant material; all shaped as a trapezoid. When four inserts are pressed simultaneously under The Machine a collaborative combination of oil flows together as one, showcase of an efficient pouring/oozing effect every press!

How did we develop The Rosin System? Our research and development team calculated the area squared vs travel distances by the release point which created the groundwork for The System. Then we considered how to carry the shortest oil travel through or pass plant material in volume. This ultimately preserves quality, color, and aroma profile, and we found a trapezoid shape was the best way to maximize volume and preserve quality overall. The unique trapezoid shape insert is designed to gain control of the oil as its separation occurs.

An innovative patent pending design of the insert makes slim gutters in between the parchment paper and the rosin bag, and the assist of adequate 100 ton of pressure, forces the oil to release faster and more complete than standard presses. The aftermath leaves no room for oil to retain inside the insert. One reason this worked to our benefit is the rosin bag fulfills the parchment wrap 90%-95%. This leaves 5%-10% where oil may possibly retain, which will be required to scrape. 

The best part is the additional surprise Access Rosin stubbled upon during research and development. A way for mechanical separation to separate lipids and fats from the liquid oil in a single press, without a secondary process. This was accomplished for the first time in history because of the ability to reposition the oil as it falls. There are phases which the oil melts if its pressed from flower at 160u micron filtration. First is the lipids and fats, commonly the lightest color oil that melts first and moves the fastest. Once a color change happens your able to replenish the catching jar and begin to collect the darker color profile, this is a good indicator the change has happen and your now separating liquid oil vs fats. The Rosin Machine V3.2 is built with more than adequate pressure for proper separation and so a second press is not required. 

The concept:
  1. The Rosin Machine V2 and V3 Topic
  2. Heat Plate (Design, Layout, Solution)
  3. An insert (Innovation of Puck Mold, Rosin bag, and Parchment Paper)
  4. Summary of the concept


The Rosin Machine V3 is an innovative rosin press with revolutionary technology working together in perfect tempo named Quadruple Directional Flow. This rosin press is equip with two large heat plate center ported with eight heating elements with precise temperature control of both plates. A unique design measuring the bottom plate at 135" square for the surface area with 3" square hole in the center, and a top plate specially designed with a pyramid style nipple directing the oil downward for self collecting, quick cool down, and the capability to streamline rosin production using quadruple directional flow.


The concept design really took vision when The Rosin Machine V2 "pyramid style" was displayed at a MjBizCon Las Vegas convention 2018, and shortly after we finished developing V3, making The Rosin Machine V3 the equipment of choice for production facilities with an efficient and effective system to lower labor cost and secure the longevity of the business. 


Large square shaped heat plates provide the most productive and versatile surface area offered from a rosin press. Powered with 100tons of force makes Access Rosin the first company to successfully press multiple large rosin bags simultaneously, preserve quality, while maintaining flow control throughout the process.

The aftermath effectively shows a dry puck inside the insert which proves adequate pressure. Adequate pressure assures maximum return and is important on a substantially large plate size to effectively press 100% of the oil from the plant material. The solution to scalable rosin production, and the future of equipment used is here. 

The insert is made of a puck and/or rosin bag filled with material, wrapped in parchment paper which guides the oil towards the opening. We established the design of the insert to cover multiple solutions such as the direction of oil, preserve quality, and engineered to mechanically position the same inside the machine, so four of the inserts unite to make a matching shape as the bottom plate every-press. Perfect meaning the rosin bag sits +/- .250" on the bottom plate, 1" form the outside edge, and the opening side .500" to the center of the plate edge. 11.5" square and 1" center hole makes a perfect press. 

Patent Pending QDF technology evolved shortly after discovering the perfect relation between an innovative parchment paper fold technique and a oversized  square heat plate. Four inserts act as a hopper is filled with oil pouring from the center of The Rosin Machine as if water is pouring from a spigot into a jar or onto parchment paper. Pull a slab from the machine vs scraping saves time and keeping production in full swing. 

 Why a different rosin bag shape?

The rosin bag as a trapezoid shape was developed by Access Rosin from years of case study calculations. We found two factors preserved quality. One, adequate pressure of pounds per square inch to the plant material and surface area. This is found to act control the speed of the oil. Second, oil releasing from the center of the plant material off the heat plates and a trapezoid shape has the shortest 4 sides of travel with lease amount that travels from the back to the port than rectangular. In addition, quality is not compromised and more volume is created by quadrupling the amount pressed with QDF technology. Synchronize a stead flow of mechanically separated oil by the pounds. 


Quadruple Directional Flow technology with the combination of innovative Rosin Machinery equipment displays the first Rosin System.  



The Rosin Machine is not required to use with QDF, yet is highly recommended. Versatility is important to us. Use two bags or four QDF bags or use any size or shape rosin bag with any standard folding techniques.


This video is of four bags of flower being pressed; simultaneously.



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