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    The Rosin Machine V3.2

    Access Rosin presents an opportunity to bring the demonstration; LIVE.

    Schedule an appointment to lock a date and time of presentation of a full 2-4 hour session; FREE. 

    What to expect:

    • Set-up The Rosin Machine V3.2 with plug and play features.
    • Education on Quadruple Directional Flow as a Technology
    • How to prepare, operate, and maintain The Rosin Machine.
    • QDF Parchment Paper folding technique
    • Pre-Pressing preparation 
    • Filling a QDF Rosin Bag
    • Making a Parchment "insert"
    • Present a live demonstration of The Rosin Machine V3.2 in action. 

    What we require:

    • Material: Minimum of 120g of flower, and/or 160g - 200g of ice water hash. 
    • 120v (20amp) open circuit
    • 2-4 Hours The service is Free and all material is returned.