The Rosin Machine V2

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  The Rosin Machine is engineered to be scalable due to the patent pending design. A unique pyramid shape heat plate attachment quadruples production and directs while collects oil into a single container, all in one motion. By nature of the design, quality is preserved with multiple long rosin bags shaped like a pyramid or trapezoid causes oil to travel through minimal plant material preserving color and terps.

The attachable heat plate unifies The Rosin Machine versatility by expanding one machine to have 4 side, 5 sides, 6 sides, or 8 sides for maximum scalability options, and we assure the concept with calculated results. For as the each plates surface area has a standard pressure rating and proper heat element stability, then functionality is consistent at any scale with The Rosin Machine as your commercial Rosin Press.

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Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 32 in

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