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Trapazoid Shape

32" sq. size

20" sq. suface area

Double Stitch

Nylon Silk Screen

Micron Mesh



Fit 30-50 Grams / Bags

Align 4x Bags / Press

Effecient & Effective

Widemouth Trapazoid Shape Rosin Bag, No funnel is required for filling.

Fits Perfectly into Q.D.F. pouches, No need to fold parchment paper or wrap heat plates with parchment paper.

Designed for Flow Control Technology's 3" x 3" center flow port. 1"

About Quadruple Directional Flow

Directional Flow is often used with almost all presses, and in all sizes. Access Rosin® took directional flow to the next leve by innovating the rosin bag to a trapzoid shape for a more effecient and compact heat plate design. When four (4) bags and pouches are inserted between the plates, they'll mechanicall unite for perfect placement onto the heat plates. The pouches stay centeralized, and direct all four pouches to one center flow port for easy collection.

Why Trapezoid shape?

To maximize the surface area with multiple bags pressed at one time Quarduple Directional Flow required a unquie rosin bag and parchment paper pouch shape for optimal performance.

When four trapzoid shape pouches mechanically unite as a square between the heat plates for all pouch open ports meet

Innovative Heat Plate(s)

Large, yet compact 12" x 12" heat plates with a patent-pending features.

The lower heat plate is designed with a unquie center flow port in the center of the plate to enable Flow Control Technology (F.C.T.)

Internal Flow Control

Quadruple the amount of rosin bags processed without the headache and loss of scrape collection. Q.D.F. trapzoid shape bags and parchment paper pouches preserves quality, boost effeciency, and fits perfectly onto the heat plates to mechanically place rosin bag onto the plates perfecctly every press using an internal flow method.

directionally flow to a center collection cavity for streamlining the process from press to collection.

Simutainously process multiple, up-to 4, large rosin bags so they unite once off the heat plate to create a center flow of rosin.

The Rosin Machine

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Access Rosin is the innovative solventless solution for mechanical separation extraction equipment industrial and revolutionary as a complete rosin plate form as a streamline production oil system using non-volatile methods to extract

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