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Certifications: CE, TUV, GMP, PED, BV REPORT, SGS REPORT, Pressure Test Report

Metal: Stainless Steel

316 - Internal / 304 - External

Tank Supports: Frame

4 Step Platform

Hard pipeline & Wire supports.

Smart Agitation System: Automated with Q.B.E.

Double Jacket: Chiller-Ready / NO ICE

Motor: Servo

Sensors: Water level meter, Lid Open Detection, Chiller Port

Paddle: Top Feed / Full tank 3x layer

Pneumatic Lower Material Release Door & Lock

Internal False Bottom with filter plate & 240µ screen / NO WASH BAGS.

2" Drain Port, Agitation & Hash sight glass ports, Mid Tank sieve port.

+Cold RO Vessel / Waste Material Collection Cart / Stainless Pump / Touch Screen Automation.

Size: 11'10"x 5'2"x 8'4"

Power: 3P 208v/240v - 20A


Size: 62" x 31" x 64"

Power: 3P 208v/240v - 65A

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Water Extraction System - 132 C

American Engineering with Access Rosin® Smart Agiation Software!

10HP Chiller Included

10 HP Chiller to cool dual poly 316 stainless steel tanks in 20-45 minutes.



Scale the amount of "Batches" able to process by day.

Wash 60-100 lbs of WPFF / Batch

Process up-to 500 lbs / Day

Efficient & Effective

Rather than larger vessels, or multiple vessels, scale and workflow with a efficient and effective acceptable size system.

Attachments & Accessories

Vibrator sieve screens

Material conveyor

Q.B.E Software

LED Touch Screen

Control wash time, motor speed & revolutions, amount of stages, settle time, drain time, and C.I.P. System



System: 2 Years

Electronics: 1 Year

Technical Support: 2 Year


Crate: 120" x 60" x 104" ID

Total weight: 2100 lbs

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Water Extraction System

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