1.25" x 2.25"

Package Quantity


Bag to Puck

Access Rosin designs their bags to fit an exact square inch. All current bags +Flap are measured .25" larger ID dimensions to fit the height of the puck. 

For example, the 2.25" x 4.25" Fits a 2" x 4" (8"sq.) puck. 

Pressure to bag 

Adequate rosin presses provide pressure being to the bag area. Don't get this confused between the rosin press pressure to surface area. The pressure is what separates the oil from the plant material. The less pressure the slower the oil moves. 

Puck to Plate

The closer to the edge the puck is to the heat plate edge upon squish, then the faster the oil releases from the bag and off the heating plate. 


Same great price, regardless of bags micron size!


25um - Ultra Fine Filtration

32um - Fine Filtration

90um - Heads Filtration

160um - Complete Separation

Type: Rosin Bags

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