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    Frame: Steel & 6061 Aluminum

    - Frame: (L) 12" x (W) 14.5" x (H) 24.5"

    - Collection Cavity Height at 6"

    Heat Plate(s): Trapezoid Shape - 36" sq.

    Operating System: Manual

    Single-Acting Hydrualic Cylinder with Hand Pump

    Power Rating: 110v/120v : 4A 

    Weight: 50 lbs

    | /



    Single Pouch Press with Flow Control Technology.


    30-50 Grams / Press

    Process up-to 2.4 kilos of Hash / Day

    Efficient & Effective

    Large widemouth trapezoid shape plate, bag, and pouch combination.

    20" sq. material volume / bag.

    No funnel is required for filling widemouth bag.

    Pre-folded directional flow parchment paper pouches.

    Collection Options:

    Post Melt Separation

    4oz - 32oz Glass Jar

    Dispensing Vessel

    Hand Pump: 10,000 p.s.i.

    Sensitive "Hand Feel" pressure increments

    Digital gauge option



    Frame: 3 Years

    Electronics: 2 Years

    Technical Support: 2 Year


    Total weight: upto 60 lbs / +/- consumables and accessories.


    Extended Warranty

    On-site & Off-site Solvent-less Consultations / Training / Education

    Floor Plan Mock-up

    Spreadsheets for System Bottleneck Validation, Return On Investment (R.O.I.), and Throughput analysis.

    The Rosin Press Series

    A single pouch rosin press designed with flow control technology. Benefit from pre-folded parchment paper pouches and large 20" sq. trapezoid shaped widemouth rosin bags. Streamline the prep work.

    Why Trapezoid shape?

    30-50 grams of Hash or a 28 grams of Flower as a puck, fits perfectly inside the fill and folded trapezoid shape rosin bag. The surface area of the is 20" square with material in and folded. When this rosin bag shape fits into the parchment paper pouch, a fine "gutter" is used for quick release of the rosin from the bag.

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