The Rosin Machine - Pneumatic Series

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Touch Screen Automation

F.C.T. Software control the plate movement by time

Double-Acting Hydraulics

Fluid up, Fluid down with no spring! Never worry about a spring inside a cylinder that can eventually give out or go bad. Double-acting hydraulic cylinder operation allows us .

Unique Top Plate Design

Easy to catch, 1" circumference flow of rosin.

Innovative 135" sq. Heat Plates

Process Multiple Bags Per Press

New puck style

Maximum surface area with the smallest pouch "gutters" for fastest directional flow.

The Sensitivity of 100-Tons

The user has complete control of 100 Tons, using our fully automated programming on The Rosin Machine. Down to zero PSI which is great for liquifying resin glands before starting a cycle!

Superb temperature control

Dual heat plates with digital temperature transducers give the upmost accurate reading output that signal our relays to control temperature within +/- 1 degree.

Collection Cavity

The first of its kind, a unique propritary feature on The Rosin Machine known as the collection cavity. The 11" tall cavity is great for easy collection of large presses on a 16" x 5" parchment sheet, a 64 oz. Jar, or a 10" D-Vessel System.

Innovation Starts Here

Streamline the rosin process at scale with innovative machinery for effecient workflow.

Hash Processing at a Glance

Based on a Low Average of Processing Time and Volume.

A press takes an average of 10 minutes to process.

120 Grams / per press, using 4 bags of 30 grams.

5,760 Grams of Dry Hash to processed Rosin in 8 hours.

@ 80% Hash to Rosin return equals 4,600 grams of Rosin per day.

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Access Rosin is the innovative solventless solution for mechanical separation extraction equipment industrial and revolutionary as a complete rosin plate form as a streamline production oil system using non-volatile methods to extract

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