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    The Rosin Machine

    Frame: American Made 

    Steel / Tig WeldFrame:(L) 18" x (W) 18" x (H) 32"Collection Cavity: (L) 5.250" x (D) 17" x (H) 12"

    Heat Plate(s): American Made 

    Aluminum / CNC MachinedHeat Plate: 12” x 12” - 135" sq.

    Weight: KWÄD: 428 lbs

    Power Rating: 110v/120v 1P  11A / 20A Circuit 

    BVA Hydraulic Pump

    Operating System: Fluid Hydraulics

    Double-Acting10,000 PSI

    Power Rating: 110v/120v 1P  9A / 20A Circuit

    Weight: Pump: 82 lbs


    Mobile Hydrualic Lift Cart

    (Machine & Pump - Hardwired & Mounted to Cart)

    Call (949) 373-5337 for questions.




    135" sq. Surface Area for High Throughput Capacity 

    Up-to 200 Grams / Press

    30-50 Grams / Bag x 4 Bags / Press

    Process up-to 9.6 kilos of Hash / Day

    Efficient & Effective

    Widemouth Trapezoid Shape Rosin Bag, No funnel is required for filling.

    No need to fold parchment paper or wrap heat plates from using pre-folded Q.D.F. pouches.

    Flow Control Technology's 3" x 3" center flow port.

    Post Melt Separation: Separate the light spectrums from the dark spectrums as they fall 100% from the heat plates.

    Attachments & Accessories

    D-Vessel System: No off-gas of high profile terpenes and flavonoids.

    Stepper Motor P.M.S Automation: Separate first melt (light spectrum) from trailing melt (dark spectrum) automatically.

    No Wall Waste

    F.C.T. Software

    LED Touch Screen

    Store up-to 20 recipes, Recipes with 1-8 Stages, Press without any pressure limitations.

    Control P.S.I range from 0 P.S.I to 10,000 P.S.I. Press in 1 P.S.I to bag Increments for maximum sensitivity.

    Maintain and regulate P.S.I during the cycle.

    The Rosin Machine

    User Manual



    Frame: 10 Years

    Electronics: 3 Years

    BVA Pump: Manufacture 1 Year

    Hydraulic Cart: Manufacture 1 Year

    Technical Support: 2 Year


    Crate: 57" x 39" x 53"

    Total weight: 1005 lbs / +/- consumables and Accessories.


    Extended Warranty

    On-site & Off-site Solvent-less Consultations / Training / Education

    Complementary Upgrades

    Floor Plan Mock-ups

    Spreadsheets for System Bottleneck Validation, Return On Investment (R.O.I.), and Throughput analysis.

    About The Rosin Machine

    The Rosin Machine is a cutting-edge industrial rosin press designed to process high volumes of material without sacrificing quality. With innovative and modern equipment, the Rosin Machine streamlines the craft solvent-less production process, making it the perfect solution for companies looking to scale efficiently.

    Access Rosin's proprietary flow control technology (F.C.T) software provides precise control over heat plate temperatures and pressure throughout the 8-stage recipe cycle. The machine allows you to liquefy your material at 0 PSI on stage 1 and finish with up to 2500 lbs of force, ensuring optimal extraction results every time.

    The Rosin Machine also features a unique jolt down stage at the start of each cycle, which compresses the pouch before pressing. The machine also has a cycle complete stage, which allows you to manually ramp up to any desired pressure for a complete extraction in a single press.

    With its advanced technology and precise control, The Rosin Machine by Access Rosin is the ultimate solution for companies looking to streamline their rosin production process and achieve top-tier results.

    Operating System

    The Rosin Machine is equipped with a dependable and precise hydraulic operating system that enables efficient and effective pressing of top-tier hash at scale. With no springs within the cylinder, the fluid up-fluid down motion ensures a smooth and consistent press. The double-acting hydraulics also give the F.C.T. Software the ability to control the plate motion with precision, allowing for ultimate psi-to-bag sensitivity and accurate control of pressure in 1psi increments. This ensures reliable results every time, making The Rosin Machine the ideal choice for streamlining solventless production at scale.

    Innovative Heat Plate(s)

    The heat plates in The Rosin Machine are designed for optimal performance, delivering uniform heat distribution and consistent pressure for the highest quality rosin production. The patented center flow port in the lower heat plate, combined with the top heat plate's controlled flow design, allows for the seamless implementation of Access Rosin's Flow Control Technology (F.C.T.). This technology enables precision control of the rosin extraction process, resulting in top-tier quality and higher yields. Whether you're processing large batches or smaller, more specialized runs, The Rosin Machine's heat plates are a key component to ensuring the success of your operation.

    Quadruple Directional Flow (Q.D.F.)

    "QDF" or Quadruple Directional Flow on The Rosin Machine is what sets it apart from other industrial rosin presses. This unique internal flow ability allows for efficient processing of up to four bags simultaneously, increasing your rosin yield and throughput capacity without sacrificing quality. The controlled flow of rosin is directed down the center port for easy collection and processing at scale, making The Rosin Machine the top choice for top-tier solvent-less production.

    Why Trapezoid shape?

    Experience optimal rosin extraction with the trapezoid shape rosin bag designed by Access Rosin. The short travel distance of the rosin from the bag to the collection surface ensures maximum efficiency in rosin collection. The "gutters" between the parchment paper pouch and the rosin bag also play an important role in directing the flow of rosin for a flawless extraction. The precision of the gutters optimizes the directional flow, leading to a perfectly pressed rosin every time.

    Automated Recipe Programming

    The Rosin Machine is designed to provide an effortless and efficient pressing experience with its advanced touch screen display and automation. The F.C.T. Software gives you complete control over pressure, temperature, and time throughout each cycle, allowing you to press a wide range of materials with ease. Store up to 20 custom recipes and monitor the progress of each cycle with real-time data and individual temperature set-point control. The touch screen display and automation system ensures consistent and accurate results every time, giving you the power to press anything and everything into high-quality rosin.

    Temperature Control

    The Rosin Machine uses advanced digital temperature transmitters to ensure precise temperature control within 1º degree accuracy. This allows for optimal heat distribution across the heat plates, ensuring consistent results every time. The placement of the temperature probes within the heat plates is carefully considered to maximize their effectiveness and provide the operator with accurate temperature readings at all times. The use of digital transmitters ensures that the temperature control is stable, reliable, and consistent, providing the operator with the confidence they need to produce top-quality rosin every time.

    Collection Cavity

    The Rosin Machine is equipped with a proprietary collection cavity, a first of its kind in the rosin pressing industry. This 11" tall cavity provides ample space for easy collection of large presses, and it is compatible with multiple collection options, including mason jars, parchment paper sheets, and Access Rosin's dispensing system. The collection cavity allows for easy and efficient collection with attachments, and it can be customized with additional add-ons such as a stepper motor and scale to automatically separate the lighter spectrums from the darker spectrum rosin. With the ability to control the flow of rosin and the flexibility of the collection cavity, the options for collecting, dispensing, and packaging rosin are endless.

    Specification Sheet

    The Rosin Machine

    Industiral Rosin Press Series

    Detail Specification & What is Included in Kit

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