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  • Pay at checkout
  • A sales agent contacts you direct to schedule drop-off and pick-up at your best convenience.

Rental Includes KIT:

-+ The Rosin Machine V3.3 + Touch Screen

-+ BVA Double Acting Electronic Pump

-+ Hand Pump Alternative Pump

-+ Optional Pre-Melt Pre-Press (Hash) or Hydraulic Pre-Press (Flower)

- Quick Connect Couplers - 3ft or 6ft 10,000psi Line Set

- Hydraulic Cart Lift

- Puck Mold (QDF)

- Option to purchase additional QDF Rosin Bags (25u,32u,110u,160u)

- Option to purchase additional QDF Parchment Papers (Half Fold or Full Fold)

+Bolted onto cart as one unit, Plug-and-Play out of crate.


Power Requirements:

  • 1 individual 110v sockets with designated 15-20 amp outlet for The Rosin Machine.
  • individual 110v sockets with designated 15-20 amp outlet for the electronic pump.

Work Space Area:

  • 16' square work space. 


  • Valid Driver's license Photo ID
  • Address must be Commercial, Industrial, or Farm(Extra Charge for Residential) 
  • Lease Agreement Signed
  • Estimate Approved and Paid in Full. 


The Rosin Machine is capable of processing up-to,

  • Flower = 56-112 Grams
  • Hash = 120-200 Grams

The Rosin Machine's timeframe pre-press is,

  • Flower = 6-10 minutes 
  • Hash = 8-15 minutes 

Total weight processed per-day (8hr),

  • Dried Flower = 12lbs -20 lbs
  • Dried Hash = 7kg - 9kg

4 Rosin Presses in 1 Machine

    Best time to Schedule?

    As close to harvest as possible.

    Post Harvest, Handling, and Transport is important to quality rosin oil.

    Consult ahead to assure the most optimal performance.

      When you're done with rental?

      A Pick-up date is pre-scheduled prior to the release of the equipment. 

      Be prepared to have equipment ready for pick-up on scheduled date. 




      Type: Rosin Press

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