The Rosin Machine HMI - Rental
The Rosin Machine HMI - Rental
The Rosin Machine HMI - Rental
The Rosin Machine HMI - Rental

The Rosin Machine HMI - Rental

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Book and schedule your dates now for the hottest new equipment on the market. Timing is everything with quality control so schedule your booking to arrive at your facility on the perfect calculated date.

We pick it up when your done! Its that easy... 

Our Innovative technology and revolutionary rosin press design is the most efficient industrial rosin system on the market.

An efficient and effective streamline process for turning flower or hash into mechanically separated rosin. Now available to rent direct from the manufacture.  


Rental Includes KIT:

-+ The Rosin Machine V3.2 + Touch Screen

-+ BVA Double Acting Electronic Pump

-+ Arbor Press

- Quick Connect Couplers - 3ft or 6ft 10,000psi Line Set

- Hydraulic Cart Lift

- Puck Mold (QDF)

- 200 QDF Rosin Bags (50 of 25u,32u,110u,160u)

- 200 QDF Parchment Papers (Half Fold)

+Bolted onto cart as one unit, Plug-and-Play out of crate.


Usage Requirements: 

  • Throughput material (Not Included) 
  • Two, individual 15amp sockets with designated breakers. 
  • 16' square work space. 

Rental Requirements: 

  • Valid license to process/manufacture  
  • Valid Driver's license 
  • Address must be Commercial, Industrial, or Farm. (No residential) 
  • Authorized payment on file



In one (8) hour shift a single employee can process on average 8lbs - 12lbs of flower, and 6 - 9 kilos of hash into rosin, in a single day. 







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