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Quadruple Directional Flow Technology

Maximize quanitiy without jepordizing quality

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The Rosin Machine V3.2 Innovative Heat Plate Versatility.

The Rosin Machine V3.2 HMI Series

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What separates Access Rosin from others?

Double Acting - Hydraulic Operation

Durability is important, and The Rosin Machine has zero interest in a spring to retract the plates because overtime springs soften, which will require maintenance, so we fixed the problem with double acting hydraulics, you can trust your Rosin Machine will perform for a lifetime. 

Check Valve

As a safety feature, Access Rosin's hydraulic department equipped this press with a sleek, pilot operated check valve that locks the load automatically when lowering or raising the plates. Additionally this benefits for long presses of hemp to assure all oil is separated. 

Even Pressure Distribution

Stacked layering plates cause for an even distribution of pressure throughout 135" of surface area. A Steel plate in the middle is to assure no flection in the aluminum under heat and pressure. 

New Technology

Thinking outside the box to create true innovation. Trapezoid shaped system allows for better quality oil when in volume due to its special design for faster oil separation from the plant material. 

Faster bag loading methods with a small end puck fitting into the. large opening of the bag. 

A unique yet simple parchment paper fold makes multiplying possible and clean up minimal. 

Access Rosin provides the entire package. Personalize your own design when adding the press to your cart. 

Revolutionary Framework

Self Collecting Technology is changing the game! Simply enough, gaining control of the flow of oil especially in large volume is key to scalability.

Finally, rosin equipment with enough pressure and the right patent pending technology to offer a true solventless oil at scale because the equipment is efficient and effective. Accommodating quality and quantity in a streamline process. 

The first and only rosin press with a center catching area for oil to collectively fall off the heating plates and into a catching container (Jar, Parchment, Silicone). 

Q.D.F Parchment Paper Technique

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Access to Any Size Rosin Bag

Match a durable and affordable Rosin Bag from Access Rosin to any rosin press. Choose a micron size suitable for your material.

Micron Size

Matching material to a micron size is a matter of material. The selection of micron sizes is broken down into 4 easy-to-understand categories. Examples:

25um - Ultra Fine Filtration

32um - Fine Filtration

90um - Heads Filtration

160um - Complete Separation

Match Bag to Plate

The rosin bag to surface area by  1" or less to the edge of heat plate.  Example: 

3" x 5" Heat Plate = 2.25" x 4.25" Rosin Filtration Bag +Flap

3" x 10" Heat Plate = 2.25" x 9.25" Rosin Filtration Bag +Flap

2" x 3" Heat Plate  = 1.25" x 2.25" Rosin Filtration Bag +Flap

Double Stitch Rosin Bags

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Mechanical Separation oil flow control is now possible. 



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