Rosin Bag priced the same for all (um) micron sizes. Thank You.

Rosin Bag +Flap

Choosing a Micron Size.

Production can get complicated, so we simplified the filtration in 4 easy to understand categories.

25um - THC-A Filtration

32um - Sieve / Ice Water Hash Filtration

90um - Ultra-fine Flower Filtration

160um - Flower Separation

Choosing A Rosin Bag Size.

Matching the rosin bag to the heat plates surface area by less than 1" to the edge on both sides. Example: 

3" x 5" Heat Plate = 2" x 4" Bag 

3" x 10" Heat Plate = 2.50" x 9" Bag

2" x 3" Heat Plate = 1" x 2" Bag

Why Access Rosin Filtration Bags?

The Nylon silk screen we use is of the highest quality. We are the manufactures of Rosin Filtration bags. We import our fabric in bulk from Switzerland which gives us buying power for the most affordable bags on the market. Secondly, We've innovated the rosin bag by adding a flap to maximize every press by filling the bag with a full puck. For example, a 2.25" x 4.25" Bag will fit a 2" x 4" Puck, then use the flap to seal the opening. Effeciency and Effective is what motivated production of a Rosin Bag. 

Unique Parchment Paper Technique

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Double Stitch Rosin Bags

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100 TON / 200,000lbs of Force

Temperature Control

Dual PID Remote

Oil Collecting Area

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The Rosin Machine V3

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