Rosin Bag priced the same for all (um) micron sizes. Thank You.

Rosin Bag +Flap

Access to Any Size Rosin Bag

Match any size rosin bag to any size rosin press. Choose a micron size suitable for your material.

Micron Size

Matching material to a micron size is a matter of material. The selection of micron sizes is broken down into 4 easy-to-understand categories. Examples:

25um - THC-A Filtration

32um - Sieve / Ice Water Hash Filtration

90um - Ultra-fine Flower Filtration

160um - Flower Separation

Match Bag to Plate

The rosin bag to surface area by  1" or less to the edge of heat plate.  Example: 

3" x 5" Heat Plate = A good fit 2" x 4" Bag 

3" x 10" Heat Plate = A good fit 2.50" x 9" Bag

2" x 3" Heat Plate = A good fit 1" x 2" Bag

Unique Parchment Paper Technique

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Double Stitch Rosin Bags

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100 TON / 200,000lbs of Force

Temperature Control

Dual PID Remote

Oil Collecting Area

Sit-back and watch your oil self collect!

The Rosin Machine V3

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