Filtration Bag +Flap

A Rosin Bag with a FLAP

Nylon Silk Screen Rosin Bag with additional Flap. Access Rosin reinvented the rosin bag by add a flap to maximize bag capacity and not use the bag itself to close the opening. Instead the flapped bag allows the consumer to maximize every press by filling the bag 100% while filtering all 4 sides of the puck. 

The difference + flap design makes against traditional rectangle bags is zero of the bag is used as a fold to close the opening, which in fact maximizes full capacity.

Let the bag be the bag, and the flap secure the filter. 


Same price regardless of micron size! (25um,32um,90um,160um) 

25um - Ultra Fine Filtration

32um - Fine Filtration

90um - Top Head Filtration

160um - Complete Separation

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