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  • The Rosin Machine FAQ

    What is voltage of The Rosin Machine V3.2 HMI or PID? 
    - 110v/120v
    What is voltage of the BVA Electronic Pump connected with the HMI? 
    - 110v/120v
    How many amps does The Rosin Machine V3.2 HMI or PID require?
    Designate (1) Individual socket, with an individual 15-20amp breaker. 
    -8 amp current draw when start up / warm up, then sporadically pull 4 to 8 amps as each plate temperature is balanced. Current is not continuous. 
    How many amps does BVA Electronic pump for HMI require?
    Designate (1) Individual socket, with its own individual 15-20amp breaker. 
    -9 amp current draw when activated to lift or lower the plates. Current is not continuous. 
    Any other utility needs?
    - Post harvest, handling, and transport procedures, then your off to the races. 
    The post-melt separation essentially does the "cleaning" process of bubble hash/sieve does by separating different oil compounds during the decarboxylated (liquify) stages when separating the different melting points, the same as "cleaning" pre-melt, such as ice and water to fraction trichrome from the plant material then "cleaning" or separating the compounds through a cold sieve screen method, but without the non melting process. 
    Even though, in a complete harvest dedication, the trim is recommended to use the ice water system to separate the resin from the plant material, then to decarboxylate the resin with a rosin press because the plant material on trim is much thinner with less moisture to use as "coolant" in the flower. 

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