Frame: American Made Steel / Tig Weld

-Frame: (L) 18" x (W) -18" x (H) 32"

-Collection Cavity: (L) 5.250" x (D) 17" x (H) 12"

Heat Plate(s): 12” x 12”

-Aluminum / CNC MachinedHeat

Operating System: Hydraulic

-10,000 PSI

-100 Ton Cylinder / 200,000 lbs of force


Power Rating: 110v/120v 

-The Rosin Machine: 11A / 20A

-Hydraulic Pump: 9A / 20A

Total 40A Supply

Weight: 626 lbs

-The Rosin Machine: 280 lbs

-Hydraulic Pump: 82 lbs

-Cart: 264 lbs

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135" sq. Surface Area for High Throughput Capacity 

Process 9.6 kilos of Hash / Day

Up-to 200 Grams / Press

30-50 Grams / Bag x 4 Bags / Press

Effecient & Effective

Widemouth Trapazoid Shape Rosin Bag, No funnel is required for filling.

No need to fold parchment paper or wrap heat plates from using pre-folded Q.D.F. pouches.

Flow Control Technology's 3" x 3" center flow port.

Post Melt Separation:

Attachments & Accessories

D-Vessel System: No off-gas of high profile terpense and flavonoids.

Stepper Motor P.M.S Automation: Separate first melt (light spectrum) from traling melt (dark spectrum) automatically.

Scrapless Drain

F.C.T. Software

LED Touch Screen

Store up-to 20 recipes, Recipes with 1-8 Stages, Press without any pressure limitations.

Control P.S.I range from 0 P.S.I to 10,000 P.S.I. Press in 1 P.S.I to bag Increments for maximum sensitiveity.

Maintain and regulate P.S.I during the cycle.

The Rosin Machine

User Manual



Frame: 10 Years

Electronics: 3 Years

BVA Pump: Manufacture 1 Year

Hydraulic Cart: Manufacture 1 Year

Technical Support: 2 Year


Crate: 57" x 39" x 53"

Total weight: 1005 lbs / +/- Comsubales and Accessories.


Extended Warranty

On-site & Off-site Solvent-less Consultations / Trainning / Education

Complementary Upgrades

Floor Plan Mock-ups

Spreadsheets for System Bottleneck Validation, Return On Investment (R.O.I.), and Throughput anaylsis.

About The Rosin Machine

This rosin press has earned the title of a industrial machine.

Streamline craft solvent-less production at scale with innovative and modern equipment. Use our proproitary flow control technology to scale effeciently.

Access Rosin's® F.C.T Software offers elite control of heat plate temperatures and P.S.I throughout 8 stage recipe cycle.

Liquefy with 0 P.S.I on stage 1 and finish out with up-to 2500 lbs of force to rosin bag surface area to press without any limitations.

One stage specific to the start of a cycle, jolts the plates down to compress the pouch before pressing, and a cycle complete stage to manually ramp up to any desired pressure for a complete extraction in a single press.

Operating System

Hydraulics is the operating system of choice for a dependable fluid up, fluid down motion that uses no spring within the cylinder. This spring is responible for retracting the piston rod, which can slow down overtime!

Additionally, double-acting hydrualics allows the F.C.T. Software to control the plate motion with percision, for ultiamte pfsi-to-bag sensititivity, by time and in 1psi increments. Reliable accuracy for pressing top tier hash at scale.

Innovative Heat Plate(s)

Large, yet compact 12" x 12" heat plates with a patent-pending features.

The lower heat plate is designed with a unquie center flow port in the center of the plate to enable Flow Control Technology (F.C.T.)

Internal Flow Control

Quadruple the amount of rosin processed by pressing multiple bags simutainously on The Rosin Machine. By controlling the flow of rosin internally, the operaterator has the ability to process rosin at scale with high throughput capacity and easy collection of more material processed.

Access Rosin® refers Q.D.F. as Quadruple Directional Flow.

Why Trapezoid shape?

To maximize the surface area with multiple bags pressed at one time Quarduple Directional Flow required a unquie rosin bag and parchment paper pouch shape for optimal performance.

When four trapezoid shaped pouches mechanically unite as a square between the heat plates for all pouch open ports meet

Automation: Recipe Programming

Scale with optimal control of pressure using F.C.T. Software.

Store up-to 20 custom recipes to save the data, dual temperature set points, and the pressure (psi) and time for each stages throughout a cycle, that creates a reciple.

Temperature Control

Dual heat plates with digital temperature transducers give the upmost accurate reading output that signal our relays to control temperature within +/- 1 degree.

Collection Cavity

The first of its kind, a unique propritary feature on The Rosin Machine known as the collection cavity. The 11" tall cavity is great for easy collection of large presses on a 16" x 5" parchment sheet, a 64 oz. Jar, or a 10" D-Vessel System.

Specification Sheet

The Rosin Machine

Industiral Rosin Press Series

Detail Specification & What is Included in Kit

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