The QP - Manual

The Rosin Machine

 The Quarter Pound (QP) version of The Rosin Machine is capable of pressing 112g of flower, or 200g of hash per press, with controlled rosin flow automatically collect 80-90% of Rosin!


  • Digital PID Heat Control
  • Manual hand pump operation, pump controls up and down.  
  • 100 Ton - 200,000 lbs of Force
  • 135" Square - Heat Plate Surface Area 
  • 80" Square - Rosin Bag Area 
  • Press (2-4) QDF Bag (20"sq) at One Time
  • Durable, All Steel Frame
  • 6160 Aluminum Heat plates
  • (8) Heating Cartridges 
  • Power Usage: 15 AMPS


  • Quadruple Direction Flow Technology & Post Melt Separation
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder (No Spring)
  • Pilot Operated Check Valve - Hold Load
  • Automatically Collect Oil into Jar / Silicone / Parchment Paper 
  • Versatility - Use any type of rosin bag
  • Hydraulic Hand or Electronic Pump Options
  • Dual Top and Bottom PID Controls




       *We recommend consulting with an Access Rosin Products professional before purchasing outright.

      Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

      Type: Rosin Press

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