The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2
The Rosin Machine V3.2

The Rosin Machine V3.2

Access Rosin

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if units are available, expect immediate shipment with a standard 1-2 week shipment timeframe. Dependent on your location.  

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Hand Pump or HMI option, What is different? 

The hand pump is known for the "touch" of the "feel" in a manual control. 

The electronic (HMI) model is known for the programmable features, touch screen controls of the hydraulics and temperatures of the plates, as well as sensitively of the sensors, updated logs and live data stream. 

Access Rosin went over and beyond by adding the double acting pilot operated check valve to the V3.2. This allows the user to lock of the load when compressed for a long time, which is great for full oil extraction. 



  • 100 Ton - 200,000 lbs of Force
  • 135" Square - Heat Plate Surface Area 
  • 80" Square - Rosin Bag Area 
  • Press (2-4) QDF Bag (20"sq) at One Time
  • Durable, All Steel Frame
  • 6160 Aluminum Heat plates
  • (8) Heating Cartridges 
  • Power Usage: 20 AMPS


  • Quadruple Direction Flow Technology
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder (No Spring)
  • Pilot Operated Check Valve - Hold Load
  • Automatically Collect Oil into Jar / Silicone / Parchment Paper 
  • Versatility - Use any type of rosin bag
  • Hydraulic Hand or Electronic Pump Options
  • Dual PID Controls



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      About The Company: 

      Access Rosin reinvented the rosin press as part of a new rosin system offering a streamline process with proprietary Quadruple Directional Flow technology, which is the solution to scalability for mechanical separation. What is QDF Tech? A technology combining multiple inserts that automatically align as they’re placed into The Rosin Machine for an accurate and consistent pressing process with larger volumes in less time, every time. The insert is a key component to our rosin system consisting of three components. A unique outer layer parchment paper wrapped around a rosin bag and filled with plant material; all shaped as a trapezoid. When four inserts are pressed simultaneously under The Machine a collaborative combination of oil flows together as one, showcase of an efficient pouring/oozing effect every press!

      How did we develop The Rosin System? Our research and development team calculated the area squared vs travel distances by the release point which created the groundwork for The System. Then we considered how to carry the shortest oil travel through or pass plant material in volume. This ultimately preserves quality, color, and terpene profile, and we found a trapezoid shape was the best way to maximize volume and preserve quality overall. The unique trapezoid shape insert is designed to gain control of the oil as its separation occurs.

      An innovative patent pending design of the insert makes slim gutters in between the parchment paper and the rosin bag, and the assist of adequate 100 ton of pressure, forces the oil to release faster and more complete than standard presses. The aftermath leaves no room for oil to retain inside the insert. One reason this worked to our benefit is the rosin bag fulfills the parchment wrap 90%-95%. This leaves 5%-10% where oil may possibly retain, which will be required to scrape. 

      The best part is the additional surprise Access Rosin stubbled upon during research and development. A way for mechanical separation to separate lipids and fats from the aroma profiles in a single press, without a secondary process. This was accomplished for the first time in history because of the ability to reposition the oil as it falls. There are phases which the oil melts if its pressed from flower at 160u micron filtration. First is the lipids and fats commonly the lightest of color oil that melts first and moves the fastest. Once a color change happens your able to replenish the catching jar and begin to collect the darker color profile, this is the indicator . The Rosin Machine V3.2 is built with more than adequate pressure for proper separation and so a second press is not required. 




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