The Rosin Machine V3
The Rosin Machine V3
The Rosin Machine V3
The Rosin Machine V3
The Rosin Machine V3

The Rosin Machine V3

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Some use a Press, Some use a Machine!

A Commercialize system for Mechanical Separation starts with the press.

  • 100 Ton - 200,000 lbs of Force
  • 135" Square - Surface area (Heat Plate)
  • 72" Square - Bag Surface area (Plant / Hash Material)
  • (4) Bag Capacity
  • Quadruple Direction Flow Technology
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder (No Spring)
  • Self Collecting Lower Compartment 
  • Accepts Any Size Rosin Bags
  • Hydraulic Hand or Electronic Pump Operated
  • Dual Auber PID Controls  (Top and Bottom)

    Press Dried Trim, Dried Flower, Ice Water Hash, Sieve, or a combination. Enjoy Self Collecting oil dripping to perfection.


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    The Rosin Machine V3 is part of a efficient and effective system which commercializes solventless extraction using a mechanical separation process. The Rosin Machine is known for its large capacity and center pour concept. Collecting the oil has never been easier with the innovative self collecting technology (Patent Pending). Reinventing the rosin press to be commercial and scaleable with a second added innovation of quadruple directional flow (QDF). 

    As seen in the video, 120g of Trim return 34g (28%) in a single squish. The Rosin Machine V3 out performance because adequate pressure per square inch. Therefore, rest easy your machine will do the work for you and require less labor, and more extraction. In addition, The Rosin Machine fits (4) Inserts containing 20g-36g per insert, which equals maximizing the material per squish is more production in a day. Making more oil means collecting more oil! Access Rosin team of developers have thought of it all with PATENT PENDING technology that collects the oil for you! 


    The Rosin System


    The oil must separate from plant material and move off of the heat plate as fast as possible to preserve terpenes, color, and overall quality of full melt. 

    The Rosin Machine V3, (4) Pyramid Parchment Paper, and (4) Pyramid Rosin Filtration Bags which when used together creates QDF or Quadruple Directional Flow. This machine does the work of four Rosin Presses in one with the capabilities of pressing (4) large rosin bags at one time! 

    The unique self collecting feature is the cherry on top. The combination of four rosin bags with directional flow, flowing as one, directs the oil to pour in a controlled direction, essentially self collecting underneath the heat plates instantly cooling the oil, and preserving all aspects the user desires. 

     *Product may include different attachments and accessories. A modified version of the product seen in picture(s) may vary. We ask, but is not mandator to consult with an Access Rosin Products professional before purchasing or depositing, or with any questions or concerns of other user instructions. 

    *Once deposit is processed expect a 2-6 Week lead time.. 

    *Deposits are non-refundable, for as each build is custom.  



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