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Marijuana Business Daily Magazine Article on Access Rosin

Marijuana Business Daily Magazine Article on Access Rosin

Spencer Sitnik |

Access Rosin is #1 Top 10 Killer Technologies, February 2019.

Pressing Matters 

Company Access Rosin
Where Los Angeles
Founded 2015
Product The Access Rosin Machine has incorporated patent-pending plates, a rocker arm and other innovations that promise to quadruple the production of other commercial rosin presses.
Target Market Cultivators and processors
Price $11,999

Rosin is fast becoming a cannabis consumer favorite, with its promise of a solvent-free concentrate product. Yet rosin production is still a new craft where the technology to produce it on a large commercial scale remains relatively primitive.

That may be changing, thanks to a veteran grower who became enamored with rosin about three years ago and set out to create a technology that could produce it in unprecedented quantities.

The result is the Access Rosin Machine, which creator Spencer Sitnik unveiled at the 2018 MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

Most conventional rosin presses use high heat and pressure to squeeze oil from flower between two metal plates with surface areas of just a few square inches. The biggest commercial presses, by comparison, have plates with about 50 square inches of surface area.

Sitnik’s first innovation was to replace the two smaller square plates with larger, upside-down pyramid plates with four sides and 120 square inches of surface area. The design allows operators to process four times the amount of flower as other large commercial rosin presses, Sitnik claims. By being upside down, the pyramid plates also allow the oil to drain directly into a catchment, while conventional rosin presses use parchment paper or similar materials to catch the oil, which must then be scraped off the paper.

“Other companies focused on the electronic components and digital features controlling the heat temperatures; we directed our focus on innovating the size of the heat plates,” Sitnik said. The machine, he noted, can be scaled to include as many as eight plates—or two sets of four.

While most presses can apply about 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, Sitnik added a rocker arm so the Access Rosin Machine can apply about 1,900 pounds of pressure per square inch, enabling it to process more flower at once.