The Rosin Machine V3.2 - AUTO QP

The Rosin Machine throughput capacity per-press is,

  • Flower = 112 Grams
  • Hash = 200 Grams

The Rosin Machine's timeframe per-press is,

  • Flower = 3 minutes - 12 minutes
  • Hash = 5 minutes - 15 minutes

Total weight processed per-day (8hr) is,

  • Dried Flower = 8lbs -12 lbs
  • Dried Hash = 7kg - 9kg

One Rosin Machine's by Access Rosin is capable of outperforming four (4) standard 25Ton rosin presses, and is fully automatic with touch screen features; all-in-one. Additionally our proprietary flow control guarantees easy collection with no-loss when working in a cold room, or by transferring finished product.  

flow control rosin press by access rosin called the rosin machine


  • Touch Screen Automation
  • Programmable data
  • Maximum 100 Ton - 200,000 lbs psi for effective Flower Rosin
  • Minimum 5 lbs psi for Sensitive Hash Rosin. 
  • 135" Square - Heat Plate Surface Area 
  • 80" Square - Rosin Bag Area 
  • Press (2-4) QDF Bag (20"sq) at One Time
  • Durable, All Steel Frame
  • 6160 Aluminum Heat plates
  • (8) Heating Cartridges 
  • Power Usage: 15 AMPS


  • Quadruple Direction Flow Technology & Post Melt Separation
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder (No Spring)
  • Pilot Operated Check Valve - Consistent Load Lock
  • Self-Collection - Jar / Silicone / Parchment Paper 
  • Versatility - Use any size or micron rosin bag
  • Hand or Electronic Pump Quick Connect
  • Dual Plate Heat Control


How many amps does The Rosin Machine V3.2 HMI or PID require?
Designate (1) Individual socket, with an individual 15-20amp breaker. 
-8 amp current draw when start up / warm up, then sporadically pull 4 to 8 amps as each plate temperature is balanced. Current is not continuous. 

How many amps does BVA Electronic pump for HMI require?
Designate (1) Individual socket, with its own individual 15-20amp breaker. 
-9 amp current draw when activated to lift or lower the plates. Current is not continuous. 

Type: Rosin Press

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